Holiday/Convalescent Homes


The Society owns six homes in five locations. All the homes sleep up to eight people. They are not holiday cottages but full sized family homes in good residential areas. All have garaging for at least one vehicle, some for two. There are two homes in Queenstown and one in Nelson, KapitiTaupo, Whangamata and Hanmer. They are all $90.00 per night. If you would like to view the availability of any of our homes please click HERE. There are two ways to book a holiday home. One option is to use the 24/7 online booking facility. Alternatively you can book through the office. Once the office has your booking, you can pay for the home you require by internet banking.

Online Bookings
Click HERE to use the online booking facility. You need to have a login ID and be a current financial member to use this facility. You may book dates up to one year in advance. Cancellation will atrract a $25 administration fee. Where less than 28 days notice is given, payment may not be refunded. Generally there will be a 50% refund for a cancellation from 29 to 56 days out from the rental period. There may be very sound reasons for needing to cancel a booking and those reasons will be considered, however, all refund decisions will be final. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU PLACE A ZERO IN FRONT OF YOUR MEMBERSHIP NUMBER IN THE LOGIN ID FIELD - SOME CARDS HAVE BEEN PRINTED WITH THE ZERO OMITTED

Office Bookings
Office bookings can be made work days between 9am - 3pm by phoning 0800 OK FIRE (0800 653 473). The Office will advise when payment is due for your bookings. Your booking is not confirmed until you have confirmation from the Office.

What to expect
All Society owned homes have everything supplied except towels, face cloths and linen. Salt, pepper, tea, coffee, sugar, toilet tissue and cleaning products may be available. We ask that you think of others and leave a few essential supplies. It is your responsibility to leave the home in a clean and tidy state. The gardens, if any should be weeded and watered as best you can during your stay at the home. There are no land line telephones available in any of the Welfare Society Homes.

Police and Army homes
We also have an arrangement with the NZ Police Welfare Fund that allows members of the Society to use their homes outside of ballot periods. Police homes are balloted only during Christmas/New Year and school holiday times. The Society shares its homes with Police Welfare members under the same restrictions. The rate per night for Police homes is $75.00.

We also have an arrangement with the NZ Army, whereby we can have access to their holiday homes. Please phone 0800 111 823 for all enquiries regarding these homes. The rate per night for Army Homes is $95.00.