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Reimbursement of Claims

  • Complete ‘Reimbursement Claim Form’. Ensure the details of the medical symptoms/condition are included on the form.
  • Submit all invoices for treatment.
  • Please allow 5 working days for assessment and a further 5 days for payment.
  • Please DO NOT send original documents as these will not be returned to you.
Failure to provide the above information may result in delays with your claims assessment.

Invoices more than 30 days since the treatment date will not be covered. The Trustee may, at their discretion, agree to pay invoices over 30 days where there are genuine extenuating circumstances. You will need to provide these details to the Secretary.

Please ensure eftpos receipts are not obscuring any details on the invoice. All invoices must show your name, address, date of treatment, treatment provided, invoice number and charges.

Provide the full details of your medical condition or symptoms that require treatment for every claim. This information is required for claims statistics and auditing purposes. Failure to complete this correctly will delay your claim until you provide the correct information.

Specialist & Test claims are reimbursement only, we will not pre-approve these. We may from time to time, use our discretion to pre-approve in extenuating circumstances.