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Healthcare99 is available to members at an extra cost

NZ Firefighters Welfare Society members can join Healthcare99 and claim assistance with meeting many medical costs

Healthcare99 A&B
You can claim $500 per person, per year

The Wellness Benefit is available with both Options A and B

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Contact Healthcare99

Phone: 0800 65 34 73 EXTN 2

Frequently Asked Questions

IMPORTANT NOTE: All potential claims for $15k and over – MUST be submitted to the Healthcare99 Administrator – Gallagher Bassett for pre-approval PRIOR to your procedure.

Why should I have healthcare options?

Our Public Health System does a great job supporting people who require urgent medical attention. However, as demand for elective surgery is increasing through the public system due to an ageing population and new technology, you may be on a waiting list for months or even years.

Healthcare99 reduces the worry around unexpected medical bills so you can focus on getting the right treatment and start your recovery sooner.

It enables you to access the Private Health System in New Zealand. This consists of a large network of private hospitals, clinics and medical specialists, so you can get more immediate treatment for the wide range of conditions which do not qualify you for immediate treatment in the public system.

This seems too simple. Why?

Healthcare99 is a mutual fund not an insurance policy it is bound by different rules. This means we can make everything a lot simpler because we make the rules. At our core, we are about helping our Members when they need us most. By being a mutual fund, each member is helping one another too!

What is Healthcare99?

​In 1999, the New Zealand Firefighters Welfare Society initiated a mutual Health Fund as an alternative to Private Insurance available in the retail market.

In 2019, the Welfare Society partnered with Gallagher Bassett to administer our Claims to ensure all claims were assessed and paid fairly.

You, the members, own it. After the operational costs are take into consideration ALL of the members contributions are made available for assisting the medical welfare of other members at their time of need.

What is a mutual fund?

A mutual fund is like a shared account used for a specific reason. For Healthcare99, everyone who contributes in to the fund, owns the funds and votes on the outcomes. These funds often have a day to day manager and a board. If you are a Healthcare99 member and would like to see the audited financial accounts, please contact Amanda in the office, directly.

What is Gallagher Bassett's role and why is this important?

Gallagher Bassett is the Claims Manager for the Fund. They are a key partner in this because of their knowledge of the insurance industry. They can guide and inform the Board and Trustees to make the best educated decision based on their independent research of medical conditions, procedures, new technologies, trends etc.

Gallagher Bassett employs highly trained and experienced Claims Assessors who have vast medical knowledge and will treat each member with respect and empathy when they need it most.

What is the difference between Option A and Option B?

Option A

  • Covers Surgical, Cardiac Care, Diagnostics and Imaging.
  • Includes additional cover: GP, prescriptions, some alternative treatment providers and optometrist consults.
  • This pays 100% of costs up to the limit.

Option B

  • Covers Surgical, Cardiac Care, Diagnostics and Imaging.
  • This pays 100% of costs up to the limit.

What is a "pre-existing condition"?

Please advise the following:

  • If you have or ever had any signs or symptoms whether you have been diagnosed with a condition or not that has resulted in you seeking medical advice from any medical professional including but not limited to alternative treatment providers such as physiotherapists, acupuncturist, chiropractors etc. (excluding colds/flus). If yes, please provide details and dates
  • If you have ever been advised to undergo further investigations or tests, or been hospitalised, even if this did not require surgery. If yes, please provide details and dates.