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The Wolf Was Not Sleeping
The Wolf Was Not Sleeping

Our children's book won a special judge's commendation at the Safeguard Awards 2022

The Wolf was Not Sleeping

The New Zealand Firefighters Welfare Society is always looking at new ways to support our members and their families.

We are conscious that our number one coping mechanism is our social connections, especially our close network of family and friends. Taking this into consideration we wanted to specifically recognise the contribution of the whole family and offer a resource that helps support them in a holistic sense.

Where it Began

The idea originated to produce a children’s book essentially designed to generate conversations within the family network.

Research showed that there was nothing that addressed the concerns or worries a child may have about their caregiver’s role as a first responder.

At this point contact was made with best-selling author and founder of ‘Feel Brave’, Avril McDonald, the creative talent behind this initiative. Over the next year the concept was defined and developed with the assistance of leading psychologists and support from Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

The book, ‘The Wolf was Not Sleeping’ is something that we are proud of and delighted to be able to share with you all.

Now in 7 Languages

Avril McDonald is the best-selling award-winning author of the Feel Brave Series of books and founder of ‘Feel Brave’ which aims to give all children access to tools that help them manage tough emotions and reach their potential.

The Feel Brave books are currently in seven languages and the Feel Brave ‘1 Dose/Day’ free wellbeing programme is in hundreds of schools across 10 countries. Avril is an Ambassador of The New Zealand Firefighters Welfare Society and the Life Education Trust, who use her books and strategies in all of their mobile classrooms across New Zealand to help build resilience and self-confidence. Avril was born and raised in New Zealand and trained as a primary school teacher before moving into digital entertainment working in the UK and Europe. She now resides in Australia where she continues writing and developing creative projects.

If you would like to see other resources from Avril including Daily Doses, to help cultivate positive emotional wellbeing for kids, please visit
Copies of this book and other Feel brave books can be purchased through Amazon and other leading bookstores.