Healthcare99 is available to members at an extra cost

NZ Firefighters Welfare Society members can join Healthcare99 and claim assistance with meeting many medical costs

Healthcare99 A&B
You can claim $500 per person, per year

The Wellness Benefit is available with both Options A and B

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Contact Healthcare99

Phone: 0800 65 34 73 EXTN 2

*Pre-approval of Claims

We can pay the provider directly on your behalf if pre-approved, for all Surgical Benefits, Care Benefits & Major Diagnostics. This does not include Specialists or Tests as outlined in the Policy Wordings.

  • Complete pre-approval claim form PH 01
  • Provide the GP referral or Specialist report confirming the details of your symptoms/condition
  • Provide the Estimate of Costs from the Hospital, Surgeon & Anaesthetist & any other proposed costs
  • Submit the above documentation to the claims team
  • Please allow 5 working days for assessment
  • Please DO NOT send original documents as these will not be returned to you.

*Please note only claims over $500.00 can be pre-approved.

Failure to provide the above information may result in delays with your claims assessment.