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NZ Firefighters Welfare Society
New Zealand Firefighters Welfare Society

Firefighters helping firefighters and their families
Awhi atu awhi mai ō rātou whānau

Membership only $5
Membership is only a small contribution per fortnight

One single membership includes you, your partner and children - up to the age of 18

Member Discounts
NZFFWS discounts
Member Discounts

Access discount offers and special deals from a range of organisations across New Zealand

Welfare Support
NZFFWS welfare support benefits
We offer many benefits to members

We are here to support you and your family in times of need

Holiday Homes
NZFFWS holiday homes
Holiday/convalescent homes across New Zealand

Members can access NZFFWS holiday/convalescent homes, NZ Police homes and NZ Army Leave Centres

Healthcare99 is available to members at an extra cost

NZ Firefighters Welfare Society members can join Healthcare99 and claim assistance with meeting many medical costs

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Our name says it all. We are here to help.

We are governed by an independent Board elected by members from our members. We support Career, Volunteer Firefighters and Administration staff.
Give us a call on 0800 65 34 73 any time for any questions you may have.

The purpose of the Society

We are here when you need us, whether it is help with financial support that our many benefits offer, or to keep in touch with you when life throws you a curve ball. We are only ever a phone call away. We want to help you and your family. We have a network of people around the country who can assist you in times of need. We offer holiday homes at reasonable rates for families to have a break. We also offer a Mutual Fund, Healthcare99 that for an extra cost can support you financially when healthcare needs arise.

Our proud history

Whilst sitting around a table one day, a group of Firefighters wanted to do something to support their colleagues and their families in times of need. Money was put into a biscuit tin to be given to those who needed support – this was the beginning of our organisation and firefighters helping firefighters. Thirty plus years on our ethos is the same, we are here to Support you and your family. Firefighters helping Firefighters and their families. Read more about our history here.

Latest updates

This is a great opportunity for a retired person to support our organisation.

If you are looking for the chance to support an organisation that cares, we would be keen to hear from you. You don’t have to be a current member to apply. This is a Governance role as well as an administration role. It is a part-time position but the hours will vary and they are flexible. Find out more here.

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Deals from new Discount Partners

Go to the NZFFWS App for all the details on the latest discount partners to join us in May 2024.

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Firefighters helping firefighters and their families

Awhi atu awhi mai ō rātou whānau