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To be eligible to be a member of Healthcare99 you must be a member of NZFFWS. Contributions are in addition to your NZFFWS membership.

There are two plans available: Option A (full cover) and Option B.

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    • I/We authorise the disclosure of personal information held by any party regarding any claim regarding my/our existing ​or previous insurances.
    • I/We agree to Healthcare 99 releasing to other parties personal information regarding any claim.

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    I understand that on being approved for membership, I will accept the Rules of the Society as being binding upon me. I hereby give authority for the Society to have deducted from my wages, salary or other payments as the case may be, the contributions payable to the Society and any levies which may from time to time be imposed and subsequently ratified at the Annual General Meeting of the Welfare Society. I will not be a full member until my first contribution fee has been received by the office of the Welfare Society. Once this form is submitted, if I do not have a payroll number I will receive a direct debit form from the office which I will complete and return to the office of the Welfare Society so my full membership can be confirmed.

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