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While we continue to maintain and improve our holiday homes for members, we appreciate this work can mean your chosen holiday home may be unavailable at the time you wish to take a break.
This is a great time to remind you that as a member of the NZ Firefighters Welfare Society, you also have access to many NZ Police holiday homes AND Army Leave Centres right around the country.

NZ Police Holiday Homes

Choose from more than 60 NZ Police holiday homes in over 24 locations around New Zealand. For enquiries and bookings, call NZ Police directly on 0800 500 122.

holiday homes for firefighters

NZ Police homes can be booked 90 days in advance. The range of homes include combinations of single, double, queen and bunk beds and many of them are also diasbility friendly. We are unsure if any of these homes have been impacted by the recent weather events. Please enquire directly with NZ Police.

NZ police holiday homes
  1. Auckland – two two bedroom homes available
  2. Akaroa and Christchurch – three homes available: two two-bedroom homes and one three-bedroom home
  3. Cromwell – one three bedroom home available
  4. Dunedin – one three-bedroom and one four-bedroom home available
  5. Greytown – two three-bedroom homes available
  6. Hanmer Springs – two three-bedroom homes available
  7. Mt Maunganui – three three-bedroom homes available
  8. Napier – two two-bedroom homes available
  9. New Plymouth – two three bedroom homes available
  10. Ohope – two two-bedroom homes available
  11. Paihia – two three-bedroom homes available
  12. Paraparaumu – one three-bedroom home available
  13. Queenstown – three three-bedroom homes and one four-bedroom home available
  14. Rotorua – three three-bedroom homes available
  15. Stanmore Bay – nine homes available, from one to three bedrooms
  16. Taupo – seven homes available from two to three-bedroom homes
  17. Te Anau – two three-bedroom homes available
  18. Tekapo – one three-bedroom and one four-bedroom available
  19. Turangi – one two and one three-bedroom home available
  20. Waiheke – two three-bedroom homes available
  21. Wanaka – two three-bedroom homes available
  22. Wellington – two three-bedroom homes available
  23. Whangamata – two three-bedroom homes available
  24. Whitianga – two three-bedroom homes available

See further information here.

Army Leave Centres

Choose from eight locations around New Zealand. For enquiries and bookings, call NZ Defence Force directly on 0800 111 823, Option 1, or email

holiday homes for firefighters
nz army holiday homes for firefighters

NZ Defence Force holiday homes can be booked three months in advance. Each region has a different number of properties available. Please contact NZ Defence Force directly with enquiries and to book.

  1. Mt Maunganui – sleeps seven people
  2. Rotorua – sleeps seven people
  3. Taupo – sleeps six people
  4. Napier – sleeps seven people
  5. Waikanae – sleeps six people
  6. Wellington – sleeps six people
  7. Hanmer Springs – sleeps six people
  8. Wanaka – one unit that can sleep nine people, other units sleep six

See further information including what the homes contain, here.

We are firefighters helping firefighters and their families

Our ethos remains firefighters helping firefighters and their families. If you or your family need help, or your colleagues need support, please reach out to us.