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In a 12-month period, 620 members and their families received assistance from the Society

Take a look at the impact your financial contributions make in real people’s lives. Between 2022-2023 a total of 620 members and their families received assistance through the Society. None of this help would have been possible without members support.

We have prepared an infographic to provide members with a snapshot of assistance given out over a typical 12-month period.

Popular Benefits

Some of the more popular benefits include gift baskets (255 members and their families received a gift basket during an overnight hospital stay) and $15,000 worth of home and hospital visits was provided to members and their families. Financial assistance towards a first ever pair of glasses or contact lenses was given to 67 members and their families and 40 members received a cash contribution to celebrate the arrival of their new baby.

Holiday homes are always popular. There was some unused capacity in the year, particularly at Kapiti, Nelson, Whangamata and Taupo. Remember to check on the availability of holiday homes regularly to see what is available. As a member of the Society, you also have access to Police and NZ Defence holiday homes. More information on holiday homes here.

Assistance Provided at Difficult Times

For members suffering difficult times, $15,000 was given from the Disaster Fund, 33 members received financial assistance towards the cost of ambulance transport and $18,000 was provided to members and their families to go towards meeting the cost of funerals. Twelve members and their families accessing counselling services received financial help to do so. See the Welfare Support benefits here.

We are Only a Phone  Call Away

We want to help as many of our members as we can and we are certain there are other members who could be receiving help. Are you aware of all the Welfare Benefits available to you? This is a good opportunity to remind you to take a look at the full list of Welfare Benefits and reach out to us when you need us. We are only a phone call away.

Have you ever thought about being a Station Rep to support your Brigade on our behalf? Contact the office for more information.

Remember, your membership includes you, your spouse (or significant other) and your children up until their 19th birthday. (Once your children turn 19, they are welcome to join as members in their own right and receive all the same benefits you do, for themselves and their families.)

As a member of the NZ Firefighters Welfare Society, remember you also have access to hundreds of discounts and special deals on offer countrywide from our 25+ Discount Partners.

With Christmas looming, it may be timely to review what’s on offer and get some discounted gifts, book a rental car or a cruise in time for the holiday season. You’ll also see deals on paint, wallpaper and tools which may be useful to you if you are tackling DIY projects over spring/summer. Head to the NZFFWS App for further information on the vast array of membership-only deals.

The more members we have, the bigger our pool of resources we have available to share amongst our members and their families

Please mention us to your colleagues, who might also like to join us. Help us reach and support as many firefighters and emergency personnel and their families as possible. You never know when you’re going to need us. Your colleagues can find out more about joining us here.