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Christmas is typically a happy time of year and a great chance to catch up with family and friends.

While it’s a cheerful time for many, unfortunately for others it can be more difficult, with unexpected mishaps and accidents happening in the home, or a time when extra support might be needed after the stresses and strains of the year.

For these reasons and more, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind our members that our Society is here to support you and your family. Since 1987 our ethos has and always will be “firefighters helping firefighters and their families”.
While our office will close briefly during the holiday break, you can still reach out to your Regional Representative for help and support. They are there to help (look up your Regional Representative here).
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One of the many ways the Society can help support you and your family is with Welfare Support. This includes payment towards the cost of counselling sessions, funeral costs, mobility aids and much more. Are you getting all the help you’re entitled to? See all the details here.

Are you aware that Healthcare99 offers you additional assistance?

As a Healthcare99 member you can claim:
  • $60,000 per general surgery operation (including up to seven nights accommodation)
  • $3,000 per person per 12-month period for minor surgery
  • $20,000 per person per 12-month period for cardiac care; and $40,000 per person per 12-month period for cardiac surgery
  • $50,000 per person per 12-month period for cancer care
  • $20,000 per joint replacement operation
  • $6,000 per person for wisdom teeth surgery
  • $25,000 for breast reduction surgery
  • $500 per person per 12-month period for health checks where there are no symptoms (e.g. skin checks, cervical smears, mammograms, colonoscopies)
  • $500 per person per 12-month period for physiotherapy following surgery
  • Plus much more.

Healthcare99 reduces the worry around unexpected medical bills so you can focus on getting the right treatment and start your recovery sooner. While we all hope we won’t need this kind of help, it’s good to know you can get private medical care if you need it. See what’s covered under Option A and Option B.

As a member of the NZ Firefighters Welfare Society, you can join Healthcare99 for an extra fortnightly, monthy or annual contribution to receive private medical care for a host of medical treatments. See the costs here for the different options: Option A; Option B.

Please be aware while our office is closed (from 22 December 2022 until Monday, 16 January 2023), you can reach out for help and support by:

See all other forms here, including downloadable forms which you can scan and email back to us at

Have a wonderful and safe Christmas everybody.

We are firefighters helping firefighters and their families

Our ethos remains firefighters helping firefighters and their families. If you or your family need help, or your colleagues need support, please reach out to us.