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NZFFWS Homes: Nelson
NZFFWS holiday homes

Everything you need to know to enjoy your stay.

Welcome to your Nelson Convalescent/Holiday Home

Nau mai haere mai

  • For all serious emergencies please dial 111.
  • For urgent faults, notify the Society Office, the Caretaker, or the National Property Advisor. These numbers can be found on the hallway whiteboard.

General Rules. Please Read.

  • All our homes are pet free and no smoking or vaping is permitted.
  • Tents and campervans are not permitted.
  • Check in is no earlier than 2pm. Check out is before 11am on the date of your departure.
  • Homes are looked after by caretakers. Our caretakers are not cleaners. It is up to members to clean the homes to an acceptable standard upon departure. This includes cleaning showers, toilets, vacuuming, mopping of the floors and wiping clean all cooking surfaces including the fridge (inside and out). Failure to leave the home in a clean condition may result in you being billed for a cleaning charge.
  • Consumables such as toilet paper, light bulbs and cleaning products are to be replaced by members as necessary.
REMEMBER: You are a shareholder in this home, so please look after it during your stay. Our homes are in residential areas, so please be respectful of our neighbours. These lovely people watch over our homes when they are not in use.

Your Location

See whiteboard, located in the hallway.


For wifi details, see whiteboard in the hallway.

Please DO NOT turn the wifi off.

Nearest AED

Your nearest AED is located at:

Tahunanui Holiday Camp

By the Holiday Camp Office

Nearest Hospital

Your nearest hospital is:

Nelson Hospital

Entrance off Tipahi Street
Phone: 03 546 1800

Medical Centres

Urgent care clinics are available at:

Medical & Injury Centre Nelson

98 Waimea Road
Ph: 03 546 8881
Open 8am. Close 10pm


Please ensure that the rubbish bin and recycling bins are placed curbside every TUESDAY NO LATER than 7am. We suggest putting it out the night before as they often come early.

For recycling, please note bottles/glass go in the glass bin, NOT in the recycle bin (further information is available on the whiteboard). You can check here for dates as well – our address falls in the Week 2 category. There is another calendar in the garage.


To isolate the power in the house, the switchboard is in the FRONT BEDROOM. Open the door and TURN OFF the RED switch.


To isolate water to the house, main on/off valve is located outside the front fence in line with the front bedroom window.

Fire Extinguisher

There is a fire extinguisher located INSIDE the PANTRY. Another can be found on the wall in the GARAGE by the DOOR.

Gas Bottles

The hot water system relies on gas bottles. These are located at the rear of the house. If the indicator is showing 1 (empty), please leave a note for the caretaker on the fault whiteboard located in the hallway.

Health & Safety

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns. See the whiteboard located in the hallway for contact information, or leave a note on the fault there.

Faults or Repairs

Please let us know if you notice something is broken or needs repairing. Note the fault and date on the whiteboard in the hallway. If the fault can be fixed safely, i.e. replacing a light bulb, please do so. Safety in doing so is your responsibility.


Bed linen is available at this house (including pillows, blankets, and duvets). Sheets for the single rooms are in the wardrobes. The master bedroom sheets are in the hallway cupboard.

It is up to the members to make the beds required for their stay.

Upon departure, strip the sheets and pillowcases off the beds that you have used. Place the dirty linen in the laundry basket located in the garage. The garage key can be located on a hook in the kitchen.

Under NO circumstances is dirty linen to be left on the beds or in the bathroom.

Under NO circumstances is the bedroom configuration or furniture to be moved.

Upon Departure

Upon departure, please remember to:

  • Ensure all windows and doors are locked (including the garage).
  • Empty the fridge.
  • Empty the inside rubbish bins.
  • Leave the house clean and tidy.
  • Check you have removed all personal items.
  • Ensure all keys are left where you found them.
  • Clean the barbecue if you have used it, and turn off the gas bottles.
  • Please shut the gate when you vacate the home.
  • DO NOT turn off the wifi.

Nelson Home Renovations in 2023

Extensive renovations were completed on our Nelson home in July 2023, which included major changes to the bathroom, kitchen and living areas.