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Get the Most from Your Healthcare99 Membership

Healthcare99 is an additional benefit available for an extra cost to existing members of NZFFWS providing health & medical cover.

In order to benefit from Healthcare99, you must first be a Welfare Society member. You and your whanau can then claim assistance with meeting medical costs such as:

  • Surgery and specialists
  • Cardiac care
  • Cancer care
  • Major diagnostics.

Gallagher Bassett has been managing our claims since 28 October 2019 and Christine Madden is our dedicated Claims Manager. Christine can personally answer your everyday questions and settle your claims. Meet Christine here.

If you are thinking of posting in a claim, please reconsider.

It takes longer for posted claims to reach us, in particular during times of Covid lockdown restrictions as Gallagher Bassett is Auckland based.

Instead, please scan your claim and email it to us at, or fill in a claim form directly on the website. If you need any help, please get in touch with Christine at Gallagher Bassett on 0800 65 34 73. When prompted, select Option 2 or email Christine at

The quicker your claim reaches us, the quicker it can be actioned.

A Streamlined Healthcare99

In October 2021 Options A1 and B1 were removed. The simplified policies now consist of either Option A (full cover) or Option B.

Some of the benefits of Healthcare99 are:
  • Up to $60,000 per operation for general surgery
  • Up to $3,000 per person for minor surgery
  • Up to $40,000 per person for cardiac surgery
  • Up to $50,000 per person for cancer care
  • Plus many more benefits.
Option A has a number of additional benefits (on top of Option B) including the following for each 12 month period:
  • $500 for GP fees
  • $300 for nurse fees
  • $1,000 for prescription charges
  • $400 for alternative treatment fees such as acupuncture, physiotherapy, chiropractor or osteopath fees
  • $200 for optometrist fees.

Additional Benefits of Healthcare99

Healthcare99 is not an insurance plan. It is a mutual fund owned by its members. That means Firefighters are helping firefighters. Being governed by the Board, it means we make the rules, constantly looking for ways to improve your cover and benefits.

Additional benefits of Healthcare99 are:

  • You only pay premiums for the first two children until age 19.
  • There is no further age banding increase past the age of 70.
  • Premiums are not based on risk factors such as smoking, family history or high-risk occupation.
  • Pre-approved claims can be paid directly to your treatment provider.​