(a) Any person wishing to become a member of the Society shall:

(i)   Make application in writing on such form as the Board from time to time may prescribe;
(ii)  In the case of an employee of the FENZ deliver to the Society an authority addressed to FENZ to enable the deduction of contributions which may be payable from time to time to the Society;
(iii)  In the case of a non-employee of FENZ advise the Society of the method of payment elected and in the case of fortnightly or monthly payments deliver a Direct Debit Authority addressed to the applicants banker.

(b)  The Secretary should as soon as possible table all applications received at the next Board meeting for consideration by the Board.

(c)   If the Board should approve the admission of the applicant for membership then such person shall forthwith be appointed as an active member of the Society pursuant to these rules and any amendment thereof which shall bind the new member. The new member shall be notified in writing and shall be supplied with a copy of the Rules of the Society. Additional copies of the Rules shall be made available to any member upon payment of the prescribed fee.

(d)   If the Board shall decide not to admit any applicant to membership then such applicant shall be notified to that effect but the Board shall not be required to disclose to any person the reason for its decision.