Who owns the Welfare Society?

Members own the Welfare Society.

Who Can join the Society?

Anyone who has a close association with Fire and Emergency New Zealand and is approved as a Member by the Board.

How much does it cost?

Only $4.00 per week.

How do I pay?

 Either Annually, monthly or fortnightly, in advance by direct debit, cheque or through the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Payroll.

How much is the Funeral Benefit?

$3000 for the member or spouse, $1000  for each child.

What happens when I turn 65, can I remain a member of the Welfare Society?

YES when you reach the age of 65 you only pay ½ the contribution and the Funeral Benefit ceases.

What happens if I decide to leave the Fire Service?

Once you become  a member you can retain membership as long as you wish.

Who Owns Healthcare 99?

Its members, it is run as a Mutual Trust – NOT an Insurance Scheme.

What happens when my children get older?

When your children reach 19, they can apply to become members themselves and get full member Benefits.

If I die will my family be looked after?

Yes, your family will have 12 months free membership  from the date of the last payment  received from you. They can then join themselves.