Who is eligible to join?

Under rule 5a of the society rules, membership of the Firefighters Welfare Society is open to all employees of Fire and Emergency New Zealand as well as any person that has a close association with Fire and Emergency New Zealand.

The following are those that the Board feel have a close association with Fire and Emergency New Zealand and are therefore eligible to join.

  • Members of volunteer fire brigades:
  • Members of a volunteer rural fire force:
  • Airport crash fire service employees:
  • Employees of the Firefighters Welfare Society:
  • Employees of the UFBA:
  • A members child, upon reaching 19 years of age:
  • Junior volunteers from age 16 to 19 years of age:
  • Members of an ambulance service, within NZ (Paid or voluntary)
  • Appointed office holders of the society, (treasurer, secretary)
  • Members and employees of the NZ Firefighters Credit Union:
  • Employees of the NZ Professional Firefighters Union:
  • Persons who have retired from FENZ within 12 months of application
  • Employees of EMQUAL
  • Any other person as approved by the Welfare Society Board.

If you are still unsure of your eligibility then contact thesec@firefighters.org.nz for further information.