Income Protection

Most people believe their Home or car is the most valuable asset they will own. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

Without the ability to earn an income the other assets are at risk.

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Aon New Zealand has developed a unique cover for members of the New Zealand Firefighters Welfare Society to provide protection of your income.

AI Income Protection iconBenefits Include

  • the policy pays up to 100% of your net income
  • world-wide protection
  • payments are less any other entitlements e.g. ACC, Sick Leave, Social Welfare payments, etc
  • claim period up to 104 weeks
  • maximum weekly benefit of $1,500 per week

What Does it Cost? Very Little!

4 Week Deferment Period
$423 per annum or a deduction of $17.62per fortnight


To secure your financial income simply call our Freephone:

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Please state that you are a member of the Firefighters Welfare Society to receive the special rates.