The New Zealand Firefighters Society was formed in 1987
with the sole focus on helping and their families.
For as little as $4.00 per week being a member
of the New Zealand Firefighters Welfare Society
entitles you to a number of benefits such as:

Holiday & Convalescent Homes
Discretionary Loans & Grants
Corrective Lens Benefit
Hearing Aid Benefit
Birth of a Child Benefit
Gift Baskets
In Hospital Visits
Home Visits
In Hospital TV Rental
Hospital Parking
Travel Help for out of Town Medical Expenses
Home Help
Disaster Fund
Child Adoption Assistance
Funeral Assistance
Mobility Aid

To check you eligibility for membership check under our membership
tab above. If you would like to become a member click here for a membership form.
This form can be filled out on your computer using Acrobat Reader and emailed to us. First you must save it to your computer.