What is Healthcare 99?

It is a mutual trust fund in which those Welfare Society members who wish to, pay an amount, set from time to time by the trusteee to assist with the payment of medical expences that may be incured by the member or by the members family.

How is Healthcare 99 funded?

The Healthcare 99 package offered by the Welfare Society is entirely self funded. The package belongs to the members who are currently paying Healthcare 99 contributions. The funds of the Society are not committed in any way to Healthcare 99.

How much does it cost?

As the contributions are age related and the total depends on family size, then every member's cost will vary.
Click on the Healthcare 99 Rules and Rates Brochure for all related information.

What do I get out of it?

The scheme pays back 100% of most medical bills incured including doctors visits and most prescription charges.
(however only for medicines on the Health Department tariff)
It also pays up to $60,000 for hospital fees in a public or private hospital.

Who may join?

All Welfare Society Members may apply to join Healthcare 99 after completing the approved HEALTHCARE 99 APPLICATION Form.

Who processes the claims?

The trustee appoints a claims manager to look after all claims made to the mutual trust fund. The trustee will only become involved if there is a dispute of any sort between the Claims Manager and a member.

How do I get further information?

If you require further information of a general nature on Healthcare 99 please make contact with the society
at thesec@firefighters.org.nz or phone the office on 0800 OKFIRE (0800 653-473)
Could Wellington members please phone (04) 567-1768.

Points to note:
Existing conditions at the time of application will only be considered following full disclosure by the applicant.

Forwarding original invoices are necessary for refunds.

Dependent children, upon reaching 19 years of age, may continue participation as an adult under the parents policy,
or institute their own seperate policy.

A maximum of two children is charged for under the parent's policy.

Members have 4 choices, Option A (full coverage) Option A1 (75% of full coverage), Option B (hospital only) and Option B1 (75% of hospital only).